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The Beginning of the Society

   In January, 1956 the Marshall County Historical Society was organized in the  courtroom of the Marshall County Courthouse in Lacon, Illinois.
    Wayne Buck, a farmer and Indian lore hobbyist, was elected the first president. For ten years the Historical Society was located in the basement of the Lacon City Hall.  In 1983 the Historical Society was gifted with the former Ehringer Furniture Store at 314 5th Street in the heart of the Lacon business district.
    Through the years the museum has been enlarged as artifacts have been donated. At the present time, there are two floors of exhibits that are constantly changing as more artifacts are received.
    The Marshall County Historical Society is manned by an all volunteer staff with a love for local history. They maintain the reference library, genealogy department, create displays for the front windows and interior cases as well as the proper preservation of textile collections and paper ephemera. Our role in Marshall County includes preservation of cemetery records, family histories and many other records. Other activities include researching families, maintaining obituary files, church histories, school records and yearbooks, sponsoring educational programs and group tours.

Our County Flag

The Marshall County flag was designed to fly below the Stars and Strips of our country; therefore, contrasting colors were chosen.  The central figures are artifacts taken from the Steuben Township site by Dan F. Morse, anthropologist. The bird effigy of valuable blue-gray flint is a nearly perfect specimen as is the bowl, a prize find.  The swan bone was used to punctuate the bowl.
   These artifacts represent a culture of our county from 500 BC to 580 BC. Hopewellian Indians had attained a very high culture of the fine arts. The arrowhead tells of a period 500 years later. From this great ancient American culture of the Hopewellian Indians, the State of Illinois came into being.  Marshall County was formed in 1839.
   In the flag you see an outline of the boundaries of Marshall County superimposed upon a silhouette of Illinois.  The living green color of the county background represents our many growing crops.  The twelve white starts denote our twelve townships; Saratoga, LaPrairie, Whitefield, Steuben,  west of the Illinois River; Hopewell, Lacon, Richland, Robert, Bell Plain, Bennington, and Evans, east of the river.
   The design is well balanced due to the shape of our county and the fine work of artist Wilda Russell of Wenona.


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